Win-win cooperation, innovation and sharing. Changsha saneway bloomed at the 2023 Munich Shanghai Optoelectronic Exhibition

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The Shanghai Munich Optoelectronic Exhibition closed successfully at the Shanghai Hongqiao Convention and Exhibition Center at 17:00 on July 13, 2023. From basic research to industrial applications, the Munich Shanghai Expo followed the industry development trend and focused on displaying four major sections: lasers and optoelectronics, optics and optical manufacturing, laser production and processing technology, imaging, testing, and quality control.

Changsha saneway electronic Materials Co., Ltd. made its appearance at the exhibition. Leveraging its leading new materials such as copper diamond, silver-copper kovar, and copper-coated aluminum, as well as its exquisite technical expertise, our company once again became a highlight in the industry.



At the exhibition, our company's unique design and one-stop technical service attracted many merchants and customers to stop and watch, as well as inquire and negotiate. Among them, many buyers brought technical difficulties encountered during processing to the site. After technical guidance and process optimization by high-quality engineers from Changsha saneway, the relevant technical difficulties were successfully resolved. Many customers were greatly satisfied and expressed their recognition and affirmation, immediately reaching a purchase intention on the spot.



This was not only an industry feast but also a journey of gains. At this exhibition, Changsha saneway actively shared technical experiences and market insights with various end-users, dealers, and other friends, while also carefully listening to and absorbing valuable opinions from all parties. Our company will make targeted optimizations to product performance, bringing positive effects to the upgrading and innovation of our own products.



Changsha saneway Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable results and long-term development in recent years. It not only has a certain brand accumulation and steady development, but also occupies a pivotal position in the field of electronic packaging with its good market operation capabilities. Nevertheless, we know that "the road ahead is long and the task is heavy." Our company always adheres to advanced technology, high-quality and efficient services, professional technical talents, and a complete industry chain, continuously improving the management system, accelerating the process of brand building, rationally facing market demand, and creating more high-quality products to serve our customers!