Kovar Series / Oxygen-Free Copper Series

Kovar/Copper/Kovar(KCK) Composite Material

Our company has successfully developed kovar/copper/kovar composite strips based on the process of CPC(Cu/MoCu/Cu)and CMC(Cu/Mo/Cu), with adjustable three-layer thickness ratio. Subsequently, etching or stamping processes are used to prepare frame leads. This material has significantly improved thermal conductivity and conductivity compared to pure kovar leads, and is widely used in the military electronics field.

Kovar Coated by Silver-Copper Material

Kovar alloy, owing to its lower coefficient of thermal expansion, exhibits excellent thermal compatibility with ceramics and chip materials. It is commonly employed as the raw material for lead frames in electronic device packaging. Kovar is typically joined with other materials using silver-copper solder at temperatures exceeding 800 degrees Celsius. Kovar coated by silver-copper materials prefabricate silver-copper solder on the surface of Kovar, allowing for precise control over the composition, quantity, and shape of the solder. This approach helps mitigate errors and costs associated with manually attaching solder elements.

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