A delegation led by Jiang Wei, the secretary of the leadership of Ningxiang High-tech Zone, visited our company to investigate and guide our work.

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On the morning of June 17th, 2020, a delegation led by Secretary Jiang Wei, member of the Working Committee of the Ningxiang High-tech Zone Party Committee, visited our company to conduct research and provide guidance.

Accompanied by Secretary Liu, the company's Party Branch Secretary, and General Manager Jiang, Secretary Jiang Wei and his delegation toured the company's production site, gaining a comprehensive understanding of our products' production, research and development, applications, and market.

Subsequently, Secretary Jiang Wei and his delegation arrived at the company's Party Branch activity room. There, they listened to Secretary Liu's report on the Party Branch's work in party building, and held a discussion with all the company's Party members and aspiring Party members.



After the discussion, Secretary Jiang Wei delivered an important speech, fully acknowledging the achievements made by the company's grassroots party organizations in their construction work. He praised the Pioneer and Exemplar role played by the party members in the company, urging everyone to stay true to their original aspirations, firmly remember their mission, and continue to make efforts to achieve greater successes for socialist construction. Secretary Jiang also made important instructions for future work. Secretary Liu, on behalf of the company's Party Branch, expressed gratitude for the care shown by the Party Committee of the park enterprises. He vowed to promptly understand and implement Secretary Jiang's instructions, strive to integrate party building work with the company's development, and strive for better achievements.