Inherit the Red Gene, Carry Forward the Jinggangshan Spirit - Report on the Party Branch Activity of Changsha Saneway Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

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From May 17th to 19th, 2019, all Party members, active Party applicants, and company cadres of Changsha Saneway Electronics Materials Co., Ltd. traveled to Jinggangshan, the cradle of the red revolution, for study and training with great respect for the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries and yearning for the sacred place of revolution. They personally experienced the great spirit of the sacred place of revolution. More than 20 people from the company visited revolutionary historical memorial sites and patriotic education bases such as Hu Yaobang's former residence, the Wenjiashi Memorial Hall of the Autumn Harvest Uprising, the former site of the Huangyangjie Defense Battle, the Mint, the Xiaojing Red Army Hospital, the Beishan Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery, and the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum. They systematically conducted a vivid revolutionary tradition education.

At Huangyangjie, everyone revisited the glorious history of the Huangyangjie Defense Battle. Chairman Mao's poem "West Lake Moon" brought everyone's thoughts back to 80 years ago. They seemed to see the touching scene of the military and civilians united against the enemy. The sound of guns, shouts, and fighting ultimately turned into the cheers of victory ringing in their ears. Following in the footsteps of older generation revolutionaries such as Zhu De, everyone walked on the Red Army's grain-carrying trail, stepping on wet and slippery mountain paths, taking difficult steps, and braving the damp rain. They deeply experienced the arduous struggle of the older generation of revolutionaries and deeply felt those extraordinary and tumultuous years.

The majestic Jinggangshan is full of red passions. With a reverent heart and following in the footsteps of our ancestors, we entered the place where the sacred fire of the national anti-Japanese war once burned. In just a few decades, everything here has undergone earth-shaking changes, but the only thing that has not changed is people's enduring affection for Jinggangshan. The worn and rounded stone stairs in front of the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery cannot tell you how many people have come to the source of the Chinese revolution to listen to the voice of revolution with their hearts and measure the road of the Chinese revolution with their feet.

Over the past three days, everyone has been constantly moved by the deeds of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, martyrs, and revolutionary masses. Everyone deeply realized that the victory of the revolution is not easy to come by, and a happy life is not easy to come by. Tomorrow, we will continue to move forward! "Jinggangshan of the past is now a classroom. We must take the initiative to carry forward the past and open up the future!" Party members and comrades纷纷 expressed that the trip to Jinggangshan was a baptism of body and soul. Looking back on the party's struggle history with deep affection, it has inspired Party members and comrades to remain true to their original aspiration, remember their mission, internalize their red belief, and externalize their actions. Everyone expressed that they will return to their work positions with ideals, beliefs, responsibilities, and passion to make greater contributions to the company's development.