The 4th Juguang Technology Laser Application Industry Forum

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On September 19th, 2019, Jiang Guosheng, General Manager of Changsha Saneway Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., and Zhou Jun, Deputy General Manager, were invited to participate in the 4th Juguang Technology Laser Application Industry Forum. Born in 2015, after four years of careful development, the forum has become an important industry-academia-research exchange platform for high-power semiconductor lasers and micro-optics industries in China.



With the theme of "Innovation & Cooperation", this forum invited more than 300 well-known experts, corporate representatives, and industry media from China, Germany, South Korea, the United States, and other parts of the world to exchange and discuss the latest technological developments and innovative applications in the laser industry. The forum's agenda included the main forum discussion, sub-forums on automotive and information technology, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing, with over 20 exciting presentations shared. As an annual event in the field of high-power semiconductor lasers and micro-optics applications, this event once again garnered the attention of the entire industry.



Dr. Liu Xingsheng, Chairman and General Manager of Juguang Technology, began the forum with an opening speech, expressing warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all the guests present. In his subsequent keynote report, he introduced the market, products, technical roadmap, and plans of Juguang Technology. Sinclair Vass, Vice President of Global Sales at Viavi Solutions, Li Wenzhi, Director of Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Dr. Shi Zhongen, Chief Technology Officer of Juguang Technology, and Lu Yonghong, Senior Engineer at the National Laser Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, also delivered keynote speeches at the main forum. The atmosphere of the conference was focused and enthusiastic.



During the sub-forum discussions, experts participated in deep discussions on automotive and information technology, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing. Among them, the automotive and information technology sub-forum was jointly organized by Juguang Technology and the well-known automotive media company GAC Auto, bringing together representatives from the entire intelligent driving industry chain including OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 companies, as well as academic and industry standard representatives. They shared their insights on intelligent driving application scenarios and LiDAR technology roadmaps from different perspectives. In the final round table discussion session, experts discussed the topic of "Opportunities and Challenges of LiDAR Enabling Intelligent Driving Development," delivering a thought-provoking feast of ideas. The experts on the stage each other's wisdom, while the guests below the stage actively asked questions, creating a lively atmosphere with continuous applause.