Current development status of the industrial laser industry

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In recent years, the laser equipment market in China has developed rapidly, and the field of laser processing has continued to expand. In addition to light industries such as textile and clothing, and heavy industries such as automobiles, aviation, and energy, it is gradually moving towards fine processing in the fields of electronic manufacturing, mechanical micromachining, and communications. Applications in emerging industries such as medical and cosmetic equipment are also gradually expanding. The rapid development of the laser equipment industry has also driven the development of its core component laser market. According to statistics, from 2012 to 2017, the global laser market size increased from 58.1 billion yuan to 73.9 billion yuan.

From the perspective of specific applications of lasers, industrial lasers have become the largest application market for lasers. According to the "China Laser Market Survey and Industry Analysis Report 2015-2020" released by the Xinsi Industry Research Center, the market size of industrial lasers in the global laser sub-application industry reached 31.2 billion yuan in 2017, accounting for 41.3%, an increase of more than 10 percentage points from 30% in 2016. The communication field ranked second accounted for 35.20%, while medical aesthetics, scientific research and military, instrumentation and sensors accounted for 7.4%, 6.2%, and 6.3% respectively.