Dynamics of the Electronic Packaging Materials Industry (Part 4)

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Electronic packaging refers to the process of arranging, assembling, bonding, connecting, isolating, and protecting the various components of electronic devices or integrated circuits according to specified requirements. It aims to prevent moisture, dust, and harmful gases from infiltrating into electronic devices or integrated circuits, reducing vibrations, preventing external damage, and stabilizing component parameters.

Entering the 21st century, China's electronic component, integrated circuit, and other electronic markets have developed rapidly, with a close relationship between the electronic packaging materials industry and the integrated circuit and electronic component industries. The rapid growth of China's electronic component industry has greatly stimulated the development of the electronic packaging industry, and the prospects for the development of the electronic packaging industry continue to improve.

At the same time, with the continuous improvement of circuit density and functionality, there are more and more functions integrated into electronic components, posing higher and higher requirements for packaging technology. General electronic packaging materials have increasingly failed to meet the needs of market development, which has prompted accelerated research and development and production of new electronic packaging materials. Compared to well-known foreign packaging material production companies, China's research and development level and market development of new electronic packaging materials are still at a relatively low level overall, with considerable room for product technology development. The entire new electronic packaging materials industry is still in a rapidly developing growth stage.