Dynamics of the Electronic Packaging Materials Industry (Part 2)

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Due to the rapid increase in the integration level of integrated circuits, the heat generation of chips has risen sharply, leading to a decrease in chip lifespan. It is reported that for every 10℃ increase in temperature, the failure rate due to shortened lifespan of Ga As or Si semiconductor chips triples. This is caused by thermal fatigue and thermal stress resulting from poor heat dissipation performance between materials and mismatched thermal expansion coefficients in microelectronic integrated circuits and high-power rectifier devices. The key to addressing this issue is through proper packaging. Electronic packaging materials mainly include substrates, wiring, frames, interlayer dielectrics, and sealing materials. The earliest materials used for packaging were ceramics and metals. With the continuous improvement of circuit density and functionality, higher and higher requirements have been placed on packaging technology, which has also promoted the development of packaging materials.