Changsha Saneway Electronic Staff Symposium Successfully Held: Cohesion and Common Development

Changsha Saneway Electronic Staff Symposium Successfully Held: Cohesion and Common Development


In order to better build communication channels and listen to the voice of employees, on March 27, 2024, a special enterprise employee forum was held as scheduled in the coffee bar on the first floor of the company. Relevant leaders, staff representatives a total of more than 20 people to participate.

The symposium was chaired by Li Bo, Minister of Human Resources. Employees from various positions speak freely, feedback their voices, make demands, make suggestions and suggestions, and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions on production, management, and employee needs.



Jiang Guosheng, chairman of the company, Yang Zeqing, director of the comprehensive center, Li Zhijiang, director of operations, and ministers of various business departments responded one by one. For problems that cannot be solved on site, the company leaders also require departments at all levels to carefully record, follow up with practical solutions and follow-up implementation, and regular feedback.

Chairman Jiang Guosheng said that the company attaches great importance to the opinions and suggestions of employees, actively adopts and implements them, continuously improves and optimizes the company's work flow and management mechanism, and improves the company's overall operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Finally, Chairman Jiang Guosheng encouraged all employees to work together, continue to maintain a positive mental state, and work together for the company's bright future.



The company advocates open and efficient communication methods, focuses on building communication bridges, and is committed to enhancing mutual trust and promoting the common development of enterprises and employees. The successful holding of this staff forum not only strengthened the communication and exchange among employees, but also stimulated the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of employees to start their own businesses.

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